Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Joining in with Owlet.
M, wearing her red coat inside out as a cape. shows off the sparkly lining.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Asgard's Swamp

The obligatory Sunday bushwalk. Lovely day for it. I rather enjoyed it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

KLA Thursday - HSIE

HS what? Ugh. Acronyms like that make me shudder and bring back memories of a blonde teacher with a musty mothball accent who insisted no indigenous people were needlessly killed by European arrivals to Australia. Hmmm, why did I choose to home school again? No need to rant here.
On the education department's website HSIE section under Change and Continuity I found:
Students will learn about:
• events and stages in their lifetimes
• people in their families, past and present
• people who have met their needs in the past
• places in the their immediate environment
• changes in their lives, both past and present
• changes to people and places in their neighbourhood
• Aboriginal Dreaming stories as a reflection of the creation of Australia
• the structure of students’ families

So uh, how do we cover this at home without a curriculum? Well, it's pretty hard not to. Last weekend was a pretty significant event in M's lifetime, actually in mine too. I'm halfway to 70, eek! Many people in her family have contacted her about it funnily enough.
Getting older brings plenty of questions about "when you were 5 Mama?" the natural progression of ensuing conversations pretty much covers the second, third, fifth and seventh points. Did I say pretty much? This is my daughter we're talking about. "Tell me a story about when you were little/I was little." Repeat ad infiinitum...I doubt there's any material left uncovered.
As for places in their immediate environment, in the past month M has of her own accord made a map of our house and the route to the local shops as well as talking about making one extending to the local school (where her ballet classes used to be), library and Catholic Church hall (where her ballet classes now are). Of course there's always looking at our house on google maps (doesn't everyone do that?) and scrolling from there to other places of interest and following the flashing blue dot on an iphone map while driving. Can't forget all the historical pictures of our town on the walls of the pub and Indian restaurants we often eat at - those cover number six as well. As does her keen interest in the two houses constructed earlier this year a couple of blocks from us. We passed those almost everyday on our walk to the local shops/library/ballet class.
That leaves only number seven - dreamtime stories. Well, we have plenty of books but I also love these
Marmoo and Biamee
Gotta love what one USA unschooling parent called "The Youtube Curriculum"

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Last week I freecycled all of our recipe books except these and P's favorite baking book. It felt great. Now if I only apply the same concept to the rest of our "stuff".