Thursday, February 26, 2009

Green Things

In the past I've been rather hopeless at keeping garden records. Here is as good a place as any I guess, so I can happily report that yesterday Meri and I planted our first raspberry cane (how exciting!). Our "box" seedlings seem to be doing well despite visits from the local cabbage moth population. I removed some eggs this morning but no caterpillars.
On another, even more exciting green note - here is Paul's Green Tara mandala that he got back ready to hang last night!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally our new abode

First, the driveway. Somewhat of a feeling of seclusion don't you think? That's Nellie the Elephant sitting at the top of the driveway.
Next, the front garden. Sloping but relaxing and lovely. Although the agapanthas and the orange flower in the foreground are actually classed as noxious weeds in the bush up here.
Now this...
garden bed at the side of the house was a lovely overgrown thing when we inspected the property. Full of potential we thought. After we picked up the keys we discovered this monstrosity of white gravel had been dumped (and planted with natives, ok) here and on the driveway. Sticking out from the edges we could see that they had not lined it with weedmat or plastic but old lace curtains. Um, how will that stop the weeds growing through?
And of course, the backyard. There are more photos but blogger seems to have had enough. To the right of the shed there is a gap in the hedge which leads to a lovely shady overgrown patch which needs to have chickens installed in it post-haste. We just need to manifest somewhere for them to sleep.