Monday, October 25, 2010

Must be crazy

I decided it's time I knitted something for myself. Of course, I settled on this:
I worked out casting on and the band pretty easily but had to consult google translate for the lace pattern. After reading this my hands are shaking too much from laughing to knit ( even if I could figure out what to do)
Decorative Weight Loss:• Leftist decreasesAt the beginning of the Rs 1 RM st, K1 st, slip the next st re(= How to knit right), the following M re st pass slipped throughM to knit pull. Thus, the decline tends to the left.• Right-wing inspectionsAt the end of the RS is the third and fourth last zus.str sts, K1, 1 RM.Thus, the decline tends to the right.

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Joy said...

The link didn't come through Jade, but good luck with the knitting! (I am doing a very simple patchwork jumper for Rose)