Monday, December 20, 2010

Unschool Monday

Joining in with Owlet et al. Today Child the Larger:
  • Sketches planning, more sketches and more planning for the movie M woke up on Saturday morning wanting to make.
  • All of the mazes from the local Library's "school holiday entertainment pack". Wow, I'm impressed with her maze solving ability.
  • Used water colour pencils to paint colouring pages from same (note to self - water colour pencils would make a good present).
  • Painted a diorama of mountains against blue sky (acrylic paint this time)
  • 4 pages of Miquon Maths Orange Book.
  • Carried around the broody chicken, pushed her in the wheelbarrow and swung with her on the swing seat (chicken didn't like swinging very much).
  • Watched segments of the latest Tinkerbell movie seeking inspiration for her own endeavour.
  • Watched all of The Princess and the Goblin (I love the flute in the soundtrack)
  • Quizzed her brother endlessly about all his new words (many many many)
  • Listened to an audio book
  • Op shopped
  • Walked in the cold cold wind and
  • Asked a million challenging and insightful questions
Child the smaller:
  • Answered correctly every word his sister quizzed him about (since she had just modeled it for him when asking)
  • Made quite a few deliberate jokes
  • Was adorably cute despite the fact that he
  • Insisted on the millionth read-aloud repetition of "Sparkle Fun Christmas Shapes" in that way only toddlers can
  • Delighted me with his little pre-sentences such as "Mama. Apple. Up. Cut." ... "Shankyyooo."
And much much more between them of course.

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