Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Child the larger likes to insist that we eat pancakes on Friday because they are fried and that it must be windy on "Windsday". Well it wasn't windy today but there was a lot of thunder. Very loud thunder! Recipe for disaster around here. Or at least a recipe for a catatonic older child.
Despite the conditions however we had a lovely day. Our days are becoming much more structured, well our home days at least. Offering more structured academics seems to be helping everyone in the family to get their needs met. CTE (child the elder) and I chatted about "school" and decided that for January everyday at lunch I will tell her three suggested activities and she will choose one to be completed at her leisure but preferably before dinner. Funnily I had trouble on the first day because she had already done all the things I was thinking about suggesting.

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