Monday, February 7, 2011

Unschool Monday - Sibling connection

 Had M started school this year, this would most likely have been her second week of school. This morning at an activity we witnessed a very very sad little girl. Not a meltingdown or a tantruming little girl, but one who is just very sad at heart. Too sad to play with some of best friends. M has two very dear friends, siblings who are quite close in age and very close emotionally. Today this little girl's brother started school. Today and from now on she will not see him between the hours of 9 and 3 on weekdays.

Today the brother and sister who live here took a nap
and a walk

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Anonymous said...

I kind of wish I could home school or unschool mine, but I fear they are both hopelessly social that unless I had a group of other homeschooling mamas and kids to hang with, they would feel left out and lonesome.
Especially now that things have leveled out a bit, I love the fantasy of homeschooling and keeping my two bitties with me. But when we went to a waldorf open house recently the 3yo had to be extracted like a molar. She is ripe for school. I'll be lucky if I can keep her home till she's five!