Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No pot roast

Well, at least not yesterday. It's in the oven today. Somehow I doubt A's fever was teeth related since he came out in an awful rash. We thought it might be chicken pox but to me it looks more like excema. Sigh, who knows. We haven't been off to the doc because (apart from that one hour of fever on Monday night) he has been perfectly happy and hasn't seemed sick at all.
Of course, along with a sick baby what do I always get? Mastitis. Ugh! Yesterday I was feverish and out of it all day. Hence no pot roast. I think I did well just keep the fire going and give M some pasta for dinner. Today is better but still sore and low on energy.

1 comment:

Kel said...

Ugh, if it doesn't rain it pours 'eh?
Hope the little fella is ok ... has he had eczema before? I seem to remember you writing about a rash when he was really little.
Take care of yourself xoxo